Things to do in Paris during Winter

Stormy, cold and if you are walking into a black and white movie set in the 1960s. Paris, as romantic as always, can be a little harsh to be fully appreciated during winter where days are short and the weather, unforgiving. Days start around 8am and the sky darkens as early as 4pm. So…

Affordable Food Places in Madrid

Vibrant night lives, warm folks and delicate gourmet…oh how I miss Madrid! Madrid is known to be a tourist friendly city, filled with lively bustling streets and activities. There is so much to do and see that you will never have a dull moment in this Spanish capital! Spanish cuisine is known worldwide as one…


A day spent at the city-state of Luxembourg.The sunset was extra-charming with those fairy lights. What a lovely way to bid farewell.

Dubrovnik, The King’s Landing

Majestic, beautiful, it was almost love at first sight Through the fire and ashes of wars, she was rebuilt from ruins. She might be even more glamorous back in those earlier days, but I like the way she is at this very moment, like what Marguerite Duras wrote in Lover, “I’ve known you for years….


The Christmas Market or Christkindlmarkt in Aachen, Germany.


Away from the busy life of the capital and into the quaint.


Brussels, le cœur de l’Europe.


The city of endless surprises and beautiful swans.